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Why should I spend money on landscaping?

Landscaping in Guelph and Waterloo

Landscaping is a growing industry and is seeing a lot of growth especially in the Guelph and Waterloo areas. More and more people are seeing the value in Landscape design. Landscaping is viewed as more of a luxury than a necessity. Even though most people would love to have a beautifully landscaped property. Landscaping can be a significant investment so why are so many people investing in it?

What are the benefits?

There are two reasons for investing in landscaping:

  1. Landscaping as a financial investment
  2. Landscape as an investment in your personal well-being

Landscaping as a Financial Investment

Curb Appeal in Guelph

Curb Appeal in Guelph

Landscaping is an excellent way to add value to your home. The real estate market is hot right now and people are spending a lot of money on their houses. In Guelph, the average sale price for a house in January was $475,717.00. Real estate studies say that good landscaping can add 5-15{c6ac22ee0cd072750fb578d19ac64d2507bb8d3306233753dd85bfa41bdeb551} to the value of your house.

Landscaping can add to the curb appeal of your house and can set it apart from the other houses for sale thus making it easier to sell. First impressions are very important and a nice welcoming entrance or a tasteful garden can really make a difference.

Landscaping as an Investment in your Personal Well-Being

Waterloo Backyard Landscaping

Waterloo Backyard Landscaping

Life is hectic and we need somewhere to unwind at the end of the day. It’s nice to be able to sit outside and have your own oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Creating rooms allows you to extend your living space into the yard.

Install a patio and pergola to create an outdoor dining room or a small sitting area surrounding by garden for quiet conversation. Entertain guests with an outdoor kitchen or a pool, you don’t need to go to Muskoka anymore, you can have it all in your back yard.

Where do I start?

If you’re looking to boost the value and curb appeal of your landscaping in Guelph and the Waterloo areas the first step would be to figure out a budget for yourself. Generally, 10{c6ac22ee0cd072750fb578d19ac64d2507bb8d3306233753dd85bfa41bdeb551} of the value of your house is suggested, but it depends on why you want to invest.
No matter what the investment is, it is always worthwhile.

With a good landscape design, you can often spend less and have the same effect. Second step would be to have a landscape plan done. This will allow you to visualize how you are improving your landscape and will illustrate exactly what you are investing in. The design can be done to work within your budget.

Creo Concepts: your contractor in Guelph and Waterloo areas

Finally, you can start with the landscape construction. It’s important to find a contractor who is reliable and offers a quality product you can enjoy for years to come. At Creo Concepts we can help you from landscape design to completion.

We will work within your budget and give you good value for your investment. Our unique designs will make your home stand out from the rest. We value good craftsmanship and good building practises to ensure you wont have any headaches down the road. We warranty our work will make sure everything measures up to our clients expectation.

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